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Partition Magic 8.0 has powerful tools required for managing your hard disk
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Partition Magic 8.0 contains the most powerful set of tools required for managing your hard disk. Partition manager is really easy to use.
It provides a nice interface.
The partitions / volumes are listed in the right side. We can perform any operations on the hard disk using the tools on the left side. We may copy / move a partition, or resize a partition, split a partition into two by specifying the files needed on each partition, etc. Formatting tools and defragmenting options are available. All the disk operations, like formatting, moving, resizing the partitions, changing the file system of a partition, etc can be previewed, OR all the operations we do are doing virtually. Only after we complete all the disk operations we need, and click "Apply" in the "Operations Pending" tab, will the program actually do the real work. It does all the operations in the sequential order we have done.

Now, partition magic is really faster than any other partition manager software.
It logically decides which all data needs to be moved to specific places for a faster disk operation.

It works on system drives and drives used currently by some programs by restarting the system and working at the start of windows.
The disk operations may take a long time depending on the tasks that are given to it. There is an option to cancel the process( for example in case of a power failure, or low battery).

One main problem with the program is that the latest version (8.0) doesn't support Windows Vista. Now, Windows Vista is very much different from the other versions of Windows, which means different style of Disk partitioning / management and Greater Security. Installing this software using software compatibility may work but it will always cause an error in any disk operation.
( But this program is really safe and no data is ever lost and is completely recoverable). We may hope that the developpers will add support for Vista in the future versions.

Zack Martin
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  • Easy to use
  • Fast Operations
  • Safe


  • Does not support Windows Vista
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